web developer / full-stack engineer

https://contests.psichogios.gr/list.html 2019 Web applications for contest/draws
https://schools.psichogios.gr 2019 Website for teachers
https://careers.psichogios.gr/ 2019 Web application for job applications
http://www.ouranosbooks.gr/ 2019 Slim framework application
https://adeiadiploma.gr/ 2018 WordPress Plugin for customer care
https://www.bookoo.gr/ 2018 Laravel, Development, On Site SEO
https://blog.psichogios.gr 2018 Core and plugins updates, Theme customizations
https://apps.psichogios.gr/contests/xmas-books-and-toys 2018 Web application for gifts draws
https://apps.psichogios.gr/contests/HarryPotter20GR 2018 Web application for photography contest
https://apps.psichogios.gr/schools/ 2018 Minisite for teachers
http://www.vikingshop.gr/ 2018 Minisite for new brand / product demonstration
psichogios intranet applications 2018 Development and Documenation
https://www.dipnosofistirion.gr 2017 WordPress fullstack developemt, custom design, HTML/CSS,  SEO
http://thedynastyvillas.com 2017 UX/UI optimization, OnSite SEO
http://kaiti.org.gr/ 2017 Custom frontend from PSD (aboutnet development environment : http://dev.aboutnet.gr/kaith/ )
http://www.viodom.gr/el/ 2017 Products catalog with Joomla Virtumart
http://xenoservice.gr/ 2017 Theme customization from PSD
http://antiparosaegeanblue.com/ 2017 Enterprise blogsite (aboutnet development environment : http://dev.aboutnet.gr/antiparos/ )
http://www.manoshadjidakis.com 2017 Content management team leader, Over 200 articles / albums, 3 editors
https://www.viledashop.gr/ 2017 OpenCart setup for large scale eshop
http://superbreakfast.gr/ 2016 Enterprise blogsite with WP + Premium theme + Visual Composer plugin
http://b3d.gr/blog/ 2015 Article Marketing – On Site SEO – Off Site SEO